UK Modi supporters attempt to silence free speech after Parliament meeting

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Press Release Campaigners for human rights and justice have condemned an attempt by the Hindu Forum of Britain to falsely portray critics of far-right politician Narendra Modi as enemies of Hinduism. UK-based groups which belong to the ‘Hindutva’ movement, which uses the guise of religion for its extremist brand of politics, tried to prevent and then disrupt a meeting, titled


Bring Modi to justice, urges meeting hosted at UK Parliament

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News Release: 27 February 2014 Two of Yusuf Dawood’s brothers, on holiday in India twelve years ago, were brutally killed during horrific communal violence against Muslims in Gujarat in 2002. Over 1,500 died (including three British nationals), hundreds of women were raped and 200,000 people driven from their homes. He was among the speakers at a packed meeting hosted by


Campaign against Narendra Modi and Hindutva politics

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Narendra Modi & the rise of “Hindu Fascism” Southall Black Sisters is part of the group Awaaz, which is campaigning against the rise of Hindu nationalism/fascism led by Narendra Modi, the prime ministerial candidate of the BJP in India. Modi presided over one of the darkest episodes of communal violence in India in 2002, when over 2,000 Muslim men women


Narendra Modi & the rise of “Hindu Fascism”

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Meeting 26th February 2014 SBS is a member of AWAAZ, a network of academics and activists committed to challenging the rise of Hindu fascism and communalism in India and in the UK. We are involved in organising the following meeting: Narendra Modi & the rise of “Hindu Fascism” Wednesday 26th February 2014 6.30pm to 8.30pm Committee Room 10, House of


Hands off our bodies! Hands off our Passports!

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Southall Black Sisters AGM 3rd December 2013 Every year after the business and accounts section of the AGM is finished, we organise a talk or a film show which is timely, politically relevant and of interest to the women who use our centre. In 2013, SBS women had been passionate and vocal about two issues: in response to news of


Unified National Day of Action against further legal aid cuts

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Unified National Day of Action by barristers and solicitors against further legal aid cuts Justice Alliance Press Release: On the 6 January, the Justice Alliance will mark the joint national day of action by barristers and solicitors with a demonstration against the Government’s determination to impose further legal aid cuts. A cross-section of NGO’s, Trade Unions, charities and grass roots organisations


SBS and Eaves for Women launch a report on the DDV concession

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SBS 30

On 5 December 2013, Southall Black Sisters and Eaves for Women launched a research report on the impact of the DDV Concession one year on. The Destitute Domestic Violence Concession Monitoring Research Report sets out the main findings of the research which has monitored the implementation of the DDV Concession since it came into existence on 1 April 2012 following


Campaign against Gender Apartheid in UK Universities

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Gender Apartheid in UK Universitie - Image Copyright Telegraph

SBS joins campaign against Gender Apartheid in UK Universities Scroll down for the full transcript of Pragna Patel’s speech on: Gender Apartheid – the new battleground. ‘Gender apartheid’ is real in UK universities. So why aren’t more people fighting it? As 8,000 people sign a petition against gender segregation in British universities, a rally last night attracted only 100 protesters. Who


Nelson Mandela RIP

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nelson 2

SBS mourns the passing of a hero of our times. SBS is profoundly saddened by the death of a truly inspirational hero. We have never been as proud of our name as we are at this moment. He showed us how to fight for freedom and justice with grace and dignity but most of all with courage and without fear.


In memory of Jyoti Singh – Nirbhaya

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Image from Southall Black Sisters Demo - "From Delhi to Southall March Against Violence Against Women and Girls" in response to the brutal rape and murder of Jyoti Singh. Photo by Paolo-Cardullo

Monday 16th December marks the anniversary of the brutal rape and murder of Jyoti Singh in Delhi. In memory ActionAid are organising an event to mark the anniversary of the rape and murder on a Delhi bus of 23 year old of Jyoti Singh known as Nirbhaya “Fearless One” in solidarity with ActionAid India, who are co-organising a rally on

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