Residence Test Cases

Legal Aid Residence Test

The statements highlights SBS cases that show how abused BME women who need legal assistance would have failed the residence test brought in by the government in respect of access to legal aid. The cases formed part of the evidence used by the Public Law Project to successfully challenge the lawfulness of the residence test and to show that it would have a detrimental impact on the most vulnerable in our society who are in greatest need of protection from injustice and discrimination.

SBS Witness Statement 1

SBS Witness Statement 2

“I owe special thanks to you and a handful of others (who I am getting to individually) for producing the most compelling witness statements. We put your evidence front and centre in the case and much was said about it in oral submissions. As much as anything, the judgment is an endorsement of what SBS stands for.”

Thank you again.

John Halford
Bindman and Partners