No Recourse Fund

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Women facing gender based violence with immigration and no recourse to public funds problems can obtain help with their housing and living costs from the Southall Black Sisters last resort No Recourse Fund (SBS NRF).

The SBS NRF aims to enable women and their children to enter a refuge or safe accommodation to escape domestic and sexual violence, including prostitution and trafficking and harmful practices such as forced marriage and so called ‘honour’ based violence. It is funded by London Councils via the Ascent strand of the London Violence against Women and Girls Consortium (for women living in London) and the Tampon Tax Fund (for women living in the UK).

This service is currently subject to an independent evaluation (funded by the Tampon Tax Fund) to assess its effectiveness. The evaluation will inform and influence new provision for women on non-spousal visas. It will also inform any improvements required to the Destitution Domestic Violence Concession (DDVC) for women on spousal visas. Your participation in this evaluation is critical and welcomed. Please return all information and surveys required for applicants or organisations assisting them. We would also be grateful if you would participate in follow up interviews if requested.

The SBS NRF is subject to the following conditions (also see the more detailed guidance notes):

  • The NRF is open to women facing gender based violence with no recourse to public funds in the UK, but is subject to sufficient funds being available.
  • It contributes to rent and subsistence for a limited time and may pay only part of your rental and living costs. Women without dependent children can be paid for a maximum of 12 weeks and those with children or other vulnerabilities up to 2 weeks while they apply for help from social services.  The maximum rent payable is £240 per week and subsistence is £30 per week for women and £10 per week for each child.
  • It is a ‘last resort’ fund which means that all other entitlements to cover rent and subsistence must be pursued, including where relevant, the DDVC and social services support.
  • Only non-statutory organisations can apply and payments will be made in arrears. These organisations need to pay the rent and subsistence costs for or to the applicant, which is then refunded by the SBS NRF.
  • All organisations must return proof of expenditure and monitoring outcome surveys before refunds are released.
  • Applicants and organisations may be requested to participate in a follow up interview.

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