SBS Reports

Reports, Education Resources based on SBS’s on going work with users of the centre, which are available to download below plus other archived reports.

SBS Reports Available for Download

Changing Hearts and Minds

Preventing Violence against Black and Minority Ethnic Women and Girls – An Education Pack

‘Changing Hearts and Minds’ is a unique, free education resource pack written by Southall Black Sisters specifically for teachers to undertake prevention work on violence against black and minority ethnic (BME) women and girls. It provides specialist understanding and awareness raising of the key issues that affect BME women and girls experiencing violence and abuse, and how teachers can prevent, protect and support young people who may be affected or vulnerable to such forms of abuse.

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SBS Annual Report 2014

35th year Anniversary Report 2014: the challenges continue

This report covers the last ten years, from 2004 onwards, in the life of Southall Black Sisters (SBS); the previous 25 years have been covered in various publications including our 25th Anniversary report.

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Narendra Modi Exposed Report

Southall Black Sisters has a long history of campaigning against religious fundamentalism in all religions. We examined its effects on women’s rights in particular in communities, locally, nationally and internationally. In addition, SBS is part of the group Awaaz, which is campaigning against the rise of Hindu nationalism/fascism led by Narendra Modi who presided over one of the darkest episodes of communal violence in India in 2002, when over 2,000 Muslim men women and children were killed, raped and mutilated and hundreds of thousands displaced.

Pragna Patel, Director of Southall Black Sisters has contributed a chapter entitled “Violence and Control: Modi, Hindutva and Women.”

To aid the campaign, Awaaz has organised a parliamentary meeting on 26 February and produced a briefing report which includes an analysis of Hindu right wing politics in India and the UK, its impact on Muslims, other minorities and women and dispels myths about Modi’s style of governance’.

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Cohesion, Faith and Gender Report Launch

Lord Bhikhu Parekh and Lord Herman Ouseley hosted a panel discussion of the launch of the publication – ‘Cohesion, Faith and Gender’ By Southall Black Sisters. The report is based on a pilot study conducted by Southall Black Sisters (SBS) with support from Oxfam (GB.) It examines the impact of the government’s ‘cohesion’ and ‘faith – based’ approach on the lives of vulnerable black and minority women and is as relevant to the present government’s notion of the ‘Big Society’ as it is to the discourse on ‘cohesion’.

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Safe and Sane Report Launch

A Model of Intervention on Domestic Violence and Mental Health, Suicide and Self-harm Amongst Black and Minority Ethnic Women This action research is based on the work of Southall Black Sisters (SBS). It examines the connection between domestic violence (including harmful traditional practices such as forced marriage and ‘honour’ based violence) and mental health, suicide and self-harm problems amongst black

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Multiculturalism in Secondary Schools: Managing Conflicting Demands

This report presents the key findings from a pilot research project conducted jointly by the Working Lives Research Institute and Southall Black Sisters between 1st July 2006 and 1st January 2007. The Commission for Racial Equality funded the project under its ‘Getting Results Funding Programme 2006/07’.

The overall purpose of the project was to improve the knowledge, skills and abilities of secondary school teachers in one London borough in promoting and managing multiculturalism.

Multiculturalism with some variations has been the dominant approach towards race relations in the UK. It emphasises tolerance and respect for diversity, but it is infact a vast and contentious discourse and an even more hotly contested practice. Until the London bombings, there was a general acceptance in official thinking at least, that Britain is a mulitucltural society in which different cultures and religions co-exist peacefully.

Following the London bombings and civil unrest in the northern cities of England, that peace was considered to have been shattered and multiculturalism as a concept and practice came under intense scrutiny leading many to question its viability in the maintenance of good race relations.

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Domestic Violence, Immigration and No Recourse to Public Funds
A Briefing to amend the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Bill

SBS welcomes the Domestic Violence Bill as a first step in creating a comprehensive legislative approach to domestic violence in this country. However, the Domestic Violence Bill does not grant protection to those minority women in this country who are subject to domestic violence, immigration control and no recourse to public funds (commonly known as the ‘no recourse to public funds rule’).

We propose that the domestic violence immigration rule, which currently allows some women subject to immigration control and domestic violence indefinite leave to remain in the UK, be extended to all women in this position, and that all types of evidence of domestic violence should be accept as sufficient proof. We also propose that the no recourse to public funds rule be reformed so that all victims of domestic violence are entitled to the financial support and safe accommodation they require to leave an abusive relationship irrespective of their immigration status.

Download Domestic Violence, Immigration and No Recourse to Public Funds